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Product name Size/OD Model SPEC
3.5'' 320x240 TFT LCD display LQ035NC111 for DSC 3.5 LQ035NC111 Consumer Electronics
4.3'' Consumer Electronics DSC display LCD screens 4.3 InnoLux 4.3'' LCD TFT LCD panel
5'' Automotive and Avionics Display LCD screens 5 InnoLux 5'' LCD TFT LCD panel
5.6'' Automotive and Avionics Display LCD screens 5.6 InnoLux 5.6'' LCD TFT LCD panel
6.5'' 800x480 TFT LCD panel AT065TN14 RGB interface 6.5 AT065TN14 For Automotive/Avionics
7'' tablet&AV / Automotive display LCD screens 7 InnoLux 7'' LCD TFT LCD panel
8'' DSC/Tablet/AV display LCD screens 8 InnoLux 8'' LCD TFT LCD panel
9'' Tablet & AV / Automotive Display LCD screens 9 InnoLux 9'' LCD TFT LCD panel
10.1'' Tablet / Automotive Display LCD screens 10.1 InnoLux 10.1'' LCD TFT LCD panel
10.2'' 800x480 TFT LCD module for display AT102TN03 V9 10.2 AT102TN03 V9 Handheld Indoor Display
10.4'' TFT 800x600 LCD screen for instrument display 10.4 LSA40AT9001 Handheld Indoor Display
4.3''~10.1'' LCD panel with capacitive touch screen 4.3~10.1 Touch Screen LCD TFT LCD panel
4.3'' 480x272 40pin TFT LCD panel AT043TN25 V.2 4.3 AT043TN25 V.2 Consumer Electronics
7'' 800x480 TFT LCD panel AT070TN94 for display 7 AT070TN94 For Automotive/Avionics
4.3'' 480x272 TFT LCD touch screen module AT043TN24 V.7 4.3 AT043TN24 V.7 Consumer Electronics
7'' 1024x600 TFT LVDS LCD display screen ZJ070NA-01P 7 ZJ070NA-01P Tablet & AV
5'' 800x480 RGB TFT LCD screen InnoLux EJ050NA-01G 5 EJ050NA-01G For Automotive/Avionics
8'' 800x480 RGB TFT LCD display panel AT080TN64 8 AT080TN64 For Automotive/Avionics
5'' 640x480 TFT LCD module AT050TN22 V.1 on sale 5 AT050TN22 V.1 For Automotive/Avionics
8'' 1024x600 LVDS TFT LCD screen ZJ080NA-08A 8 ZJ080NA-08A Tablet & AV
5'' 480x272 TFT LCD display screen AT050TN33 V.1 5 AT050TN33 V.1 For Automotive/Avionics
8'' 800x600 TFT LCD module EJ080NA-05B for DSC 8 EJ080NA-05B Consumer Electronics
5.6'' 640x480 TFT LCD panel AT056TN52 V.3 5.6 AT056TN52 V.3 For Automotive/Avionics
9'' 800x480 TFT LCD screen AT090TN12 V.3 9 AT090TN12 V.3 For Automotive and Avionics
5.6'' 640x480 40pin TFT LCD display AT056TN53 V.1 5.6 AT056TN53 V.1 For Automotive/Avionics
9'' 1280x800 LCD display panel EJ090NA-01B 9 EJ090NA-01B For Automotive and Avionics
10.1'' TFT LCD module HJ101NA-02C replacement LCD screen 10.1 KDYT101FM-1 Tablet & AV
7'' 480x234 analog 26pin TFT LCD module AT070TN07 V.D 7 AT070TN07 V.D Handheld indoor display
10.1'' 1280x800 IPS LCD display screen EJ101IA-01G 10.1 EJ101IA-01G Tablet & AV
7'' 800x480 TFT LCD display with PCB AT070TN83 V.1 7 AT070TN83 V.1 For Automotive/Avionics
7'' 800x480 TFT LCD screen AT070TN92 for display 7 AT070TN92 For Automotive/Avionics

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