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Product name Size/OD Model SPEC
4.3''~6.5'' General Display LCD Screens 4.3''~6.5'' AUO G serial LCD TFT LCD panel
3.5''~11.6'' Printer / Display LCD screens 3.5''~11.6'' AUO A Serial LCD TFT LCD panel
7''~8.5'' General Display LCD screens 7''~8.5'' AUO G serial LCD TFT LCD panel
9''~12.1'' General Display LCD screens 9''~12.1'' AUO G serial LCD TFT LCD panel
15'' General Display LCD screens 15'' AUO G serial LCD TFT LCD panel
15.1''~18.5'' General Display LCD screens 15.1''~18.5'' AUO G serial LCD TFT LCD panel
19''~24'' General Display LCD screens 19''~24'' AUO G serial LCD TFT LCD panel
17''~21.5'' Monitor/Display LCD screens 17''~21.5'' AUO m serial LCD TFT LCD panel
7'' Car GPS navigation/DVD LCD screens 7'' AUO C serial LCD TFT LCD panel
14'' 1920x1080 FHD eDP laptop LCD B140HAN01.1 14 B140HAN01.1 Laptop LCD
15.6 inch 1366(RGB)x768 Laptop LCD screen B156XTN02.1 15.6 B156XTN02.1 Laptop LCD
21.5'' 1920x1080 FHD TV LCD screen T215HVN01.0 21.5 T215HVN01.0 TV LCD panel
4.0inch 480x234 analog TFT LCD module A040CN01 V3 4.0 A040CN01 V3 For Printer Application
3.5'' 320x240 TFT LCD panel A035QN05 V1 for Photo Printer 3.5 A035QN05 V1 For Printer Application
4.3inch TFT 480x272 LCD panel A043FW03 V2 4.3 A043FW03 V2 Mainly for Printer Application
4.3'' 480x272 industrial TFT LCD module G043FW01 V0 4.3 G043FW01 V0 For General Display Applications
4.3inch 480x272 touch screen LCD module G043FTT01.0 4.3 G043FTT01.0 For General Display Applications
5'' 480x800 TFT vertical LCD display G050VVN01.0 5 G050VVN01.0 For General Display Applications
5.7'' 320x240 TFT outdoor display LCD module G057QN01 V2 5.7 G057QN01 V2 General Display
5.7'' 320x240 TFT LCD screen G057QTN01.0 for display 5.7 G057QTN01.0 General Display
5.7'' 640x480 outdoor display TFT LCD screen G057VN01 V2 5.7 G057VN01 V2 General Display
5.7'' 640x480 TFT LCD panel G057VTN01.0 for display 5.7 G057VTN01.0 General Display
6.5'' 640x480 outdoor display TFT LCD screen G065VN01 V2 6.5 G065VN01 V2 General Display
7'' 800x480TFT LVDS interface LCD screen G070VW01 V0 7 G070VW01 V0 General Display
7'' 800x480 LCD screen G070VTN01.0 for general display 7 G070VTN01.0 General Display
7'' 800x480 RGB interface industrial LCD screen G070VVN01.1 7 G070VVN01.1 General Display
7'' 800x480 industrial touch screen LCD module G070VTT01.0 7 G070VTT01.0 General Display
7'' 800x480 digital photo frame LCD display A070VW08 V2 7 A070VW08 V2 Digital photo frame LCD display
7'' 1024x600 LVDS LCD screen for printer A070STN01.1 7 A070STN01.1 Printer Display
7'' 480x234 TFT LCD display C070FW01 V0 for car 7 C070FW01 V0 Car Display
7'' 800x480 car GPS navigation LCD display C070VW07 V0 7 C070VW07 V0 Car Display
7'' 800x480 car DVD LCD display C070VTN01.0 7 C070VTN01.0 Car Display
8.4'' 800x600 general display LCD screen G084SN03 V3 8.4 G084SN03 V3 General Display
8.4'' 800x600 LCD display G084SN05 V9 with LED backlight 8.4 G084SN05 V9 General Display
8.5'' 800x480 LCD screen G085VW01 V0,PCB board optional 8.5 G085VW01 V0 General Display
8.5'' 800x480 digital TFT LCD display G085VW01 V3 8.5 G085VW01 V3 General Display
9'' 800x480 digital photo frame LCD screen G090VTN02.0 9 G090VTN02.0 General Display
10.1'' 1280x800 display LCD screen G101EVN01.0 10.1 G101EVN01.0 General Display
10.1'' 800x480 TFT LCD screen A101VW01 V3 10.1 A101VW01 V3 General Display
10.4'' 800x600 TTL+SPI LCD display A104SN03 V1 10.4 A104SN03 V1 General Display
11.6'' 1366x768 HD TFT LCD module A116XW02 V0 11.6 A116XW02 V0 General Display
10.4'' 800x600 LVDS TFT LCD module G104SN02 V2 10.4 G104SN02 V2 General Display
10.4'' TFT 800x600 LCD display G104STN01.0 10.4 G104STN01.0 General Display
10.4'' 800x600 LCD screen G104SN03 V5 LVDS interface 10.4 G104SN03 V5 General Display
10.4'' 640x480 TFT LCD screen G104VN01 V1 10.4 G104VN01 V1 General Display
10.4'' 1024x768 TFT LCD panel G104XVN01.0 10.4 G104XVN01.0 General Display
12.1'' 800x600 high-brightness LCD display G121SN01 V4 12.1 G121SN01 V4 General Display
12.1'' 800x600 TFT type industrial LCD screen G121STN01.0 12.1 G121STN01.0 General Display
12.1'' 1024x768 TFT type LCD panel G121XN01 V0 12.1 G121XN01 V0 General Display
12.1'' 1024x768 general display LCD G121XTN01.0 12.1 G121XTN01.0 General Display
15'' 1024x768 TFT LCD display G150XG01 V3 15 G150XG01 V3 General Display
15'' 1024x768 LCD screen G150XTN01.0 15 G150XTN01.0 General Display
15'' LCD panel G150XTN01.1 with USB touch screen optional 15 G150XTN01.1 General Display
15'' 1024x768 PCAP touch screen LCD module G150XG01 V4 15 G150XG01 V4 General Display
15'' 1024x768 LCD display screen G150XTN05.0 15 G150XTN05.0 General Display
15'' 1024x768 XGA industrial LCD screen G150XG03 V3 15 G150XG03 V3 General Display
15'' 1024x768 industrial LCD panel G150XG03 V4 15 G150XG03 V4 General Display
15'' 1024x768 display LCD screen G150XG03 V5 15 G150XG03 V5 General Display
15'' 1024x768 LCD panel G150XTN03.0 for display 15 G150XTN03.0 General Display
AUO 15'' 1024x768 LED backlight TFT LCD screen G150XTN03.1 15 G150XTN03.1 General Display
15'' 1024x768 LVDS interface LCD display G150XTN03.2 15 G150XTN03.2 General Display
15'' 1024x768 MVA wide angle LCD screen G150XVN01.0 15 G150XVN01.0 General Display
15.1'' 1280(RGB)x248 bar LCD display G151EVN01.0 15.1 G151EVN01.0 General Display
15.6'' 1366x768 TFT industrial LCD display G156XW01 V1 15.6 G156XW01 V1 General Display
15.6'' 1366x768 TFT LCD screen G156XW01 V0 15.6 G156XW01 V0 General Display
17'' 1280x1024 flat rectangle LCD display G170EG01 V0 17 G170EG01 V0 General Display
17'' 1280x1024 LED backlight LCD screen G170EG01 V1 17 G170EG01 V1 General Display
17'' 1280x1024 TFT LCD panel G170ETN01.0 17 G170ETN01.0 General Display
17'' 1280x1024 monitor display LCD screen M170ETN01.1 17 M170ETN01.1 Monitor
17.3'' 1920x1080 FHD LCD display screen G173HW01 V0 17.3 G173HW01 V0 General Display
18.5'' 1366x768 LED backlight LCD display G185XW01 V1 18.5 G185XW01 V1 General Display
18.5'' 1366x768 LCD screen M185XTN01.2 for monitor 18.5 M185XTN01.2 Monitor
19'' 1280x1024 LCD display M190EG01 V2 for monitor 19 M190EG01 V2 Monitor
19'' 1280x1024 MVA monitor LCD screen M190EG01 V3 19 M190EG01 V3 Monitor
19'' 1280x1024 monitor use LCD panel M190ETN01.0 19 M190ETN01.0 General Display
19'' 1280x1024 LED backlight LCD panel G190EG01 V1 19 G190EG01 V1 General Display
19'' 1280x1024 600nits industrial LCD screen G190EG02 V0 19 G190EG02 V0 General Display
19'' 1280x1024 free angle LCD display G190EG02 V1 19 G190EG02 V1 General Display
19'' 1680x342 ultra-wide LCD display G190SF01 V0 19 G190SF01 V0 General Display
19'' 1680x342 MVA ultra wide LCD screen G190SVT01.0 19 G190SVT01.0 General Display
19'' 1280 x 1024 LCD panel G190ETN01.0,TFT type,LED backlight 19 G190ETN01.0 General Display
19'' 1280 x 1024 industrial display LCD screen G190ETN01.2 19 G190ETN01.2 General Display
19'' 1280x1024 AHVA LCD display panel G190EAN01.0 19 G190EAN01.0 General Display
21.5'' 1920x1080 LCD display screen G215HVN01.0 21.5 G215HVN01.0 General Display
21.5'' 1920x1080 industrial display LCD screen G215HVN01.1 21.5 G215HVN01.1 General Display
21.5'' 1920x1080 FHD monitor LCD screen M215HTN01.1 21.5 M215HTN01.1 General Display
22'' 1680x1050 P-MVA display LCD screen G220SVN01.0 22 G220SVN01.0 General Display
24'' 1920x1080 industrial display LCD screen G240HW01 V0 24 G240HW01 V0 General Display
22inch 1680x1050 TFT LCD module G220SVN01.0 22 G220SVN01.0 For General Display Applications
24inch 1920x1080 TFT LCD module G240HW01 V0 24 G240HW01 V0 For General Display Applications

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